Property History

Previously owned by a New Zealand forestry Company, who will continue to log the remaining trees up until November 2006.  Full settlement is not required until Nov 15th 2006.  As areas are logged we have the license to occupy these areas and replant.  Any trees remaining on the property after November 2006 will become the land owners property.  The property is presently planted in Radiata Pine.  Rates and road maintenance is paid for by the forestry company until settlement.
The property consists of two freehold titles.


122.2105 Ha

  (302 Acres)

55.1844 Ha

  (129 Acres)

Total (approx) 

174 Ha

  (431 Acres)

At present the local authority allows for one dwelling per title as of right.  Future re-zoning may allow for higher density housing


The forestry company currently logging the forest have put in several kilometers of roading in order to facilitate the removal of the trees.  These roads are wide as logging trucks need to be able to negotiate them.  At present they have spent $400,000 building these roads and are expecting to spend another $100,000 completing them to get the remainder of the trees out.  Approximately 35 Ha (86 acres) of Pinus Radiata has already been replanted at a cost of around $40,000.  These pines are now 2-3 years old.  Further replanting of approximately 55 Ha is planned for July/August of this year.     
Contour and Outlook
The property is on the side of a steep hill which falls away to a public road with farmland beyond.  The public road forms one of the boundaries.  The forestry road and landing platforms afford expansive views of the river and farmland below.  Mountains on the far side of the valley (seasonally snowcapped) enhance this view further.